What’s the rush?

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  • September 20, 2016
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Fast Track to ballot shortchanges citizens.Prop. 1 seemed to pop up at the last minute. There has been scant time for voters to research and find answers to questions about this proposition.

At the July 19 Commissioners’ meeting, Tim Sheldon stated,

“(If this Proposition is on the ballot in November) there will be no primary election. There will be a special (3 day) filing period after the primary. There will be no voters pamphlet and little time for voter education.”

“The devil is in the details, folks, for all these issues and I think the conversation has not been accomplished so that citizens fully understand all the ramifications of a Metropolitan Park District. Its a very rare occurrence. This is very much outside the normal operations of counties in Washington. We have to get the issues out in public.”

It didn’t have to be this way. The Prop. 1 organizers have publicly stated that they’ve been working on this for up to 5 years. They had plenty of time to hold community meetings and work with the voters instead  of around them.

This really matters when it comes to representation on the new board. On July 18 the Prop. 1 organizers told the County Commissioners that all five commissioners needed to be elected “at large” instead of from park districts around the County because they didn’t have time to define those 5 districts. If they’d been working on Prop. 1 issues for even 2 years, they had ample time to define those districts.

There is no reason to rush this decision. Prop. 1 creates both a new perpetual tax and a new Metropolitan Park District with broad authority. Voters deserve more information and the time to process it before we make an irrevocable decision we may come to regret.

Right now we don’t have that information, which is why we’re urging citizens to vote NO on Prop. 1.

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