Shelton Creek Cleanup

Shelton Creeksubmitted by Katherine –

My friend Sue posted a contagiously inspirational video on her Facebook page that I’d like to share here, which really demonstrates the power of citizens doing small projects.

The video is short – 15 minutes – but incredibly powerful. It is exactly what I loved about the Shelton Creek Project I worked on this summer. (More on that later…)

Anyway, check out the video and see if you don’t come up with a list of your own for simple projects where we citizen volunteers can make a difference.

Shelton Creek Project

Inspired by the Pomegranate meetings, a group of local citizens came together this summer to clean up an area of Shelton Creek behind the library.

Then in November we planted native plants to secure a steep bank. The plants and instructions for planting were provided by the Conservation District (who also pulled out the bulk of the blackberries), with OCCUPY Shelton members and members of the neighborhood doing the planting. The City of Shelton joined in, hauling away the cleared blackberries. It was a very satisfying day!!

This project was the result of citizens coming together, talking about a vision for our fabulous community, agreeing on a project, and then showing up to do the work. It felt so good, and it still does because we have seen immediate results each step of the way and it turned into a larger project that is ongoing!

The Conservation District wrote an article on the Shelton Creek project on page 7 of their Winter newsletter. (The photo above is from that article, used with permission.)

The Shelton Creek project is powerful because we did it! We are off the ground and were met with enthusiasm by the City Parks Dept. and the Conservation District. I think it is significant that the Occupy Shelton citizens and the local neighbors around the creek WERE HAVING THE EXACT SAME VISION AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, the City and Conservation District got behind us, and now Shelton Creek is cleaned and planted and we have plans for many more projects!

The synchronicity of the neighbors and the ladies of OCCUPY Shelton sharing the same vision makes me know there are others in our community who would have similar “matching visions.”

I think these projects cross ideological lines, and everyone forgets about politics in the fun of accomplishing something that benefits EVERYONE!!

Welcome to 2013! I propose we make it the “year of community.”

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  • Connie S. says:

    This project sounds great, Katherine! I’m sure there are many more out there we willing citizens could tackle.

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