This web site was prepared by a local citizen who is concerned about sweeping changes being proposed to the Comp Plan with very little citizen input.

As I researched the issue I realized, “Citizens need to understand the changes which the County is proposing for the Comprehensive plan.”

I don’t have all the answers. But I’ve tried to be factual and fair and have provided citations wherever possible so you can do your own research.

I believe that the discussion about the amended Comp Plan is being rushed and that there is a lot at stake, including the elimination of 77% of the existing provisions in the legacy Planning Policy Chapter.

I hope that citizens will take this opportunity to have an important talk about the future of Mason County, including important policy decisions about the environment, housing and plans for growth and development.

Mason County needs smart development that provides jobs, develops new planned communities and makes the most of our beautiful County forests, trails, and recreational opportunities.

You can contact me by email at contact-at-masoncountyfocus.com

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