This web site was prepared by a local citizen who is concerned about Prop. 1, which popped up at the last minute with little public information or involvement. The Prop. 1 organizers are busy talking to various groups now but there were still many questions unanswered.

As I researched the issue I realized, “Citizens need to know what they’re being asked to vote on in November.”

I don’t have all the answers. But I’ve tried to be factual and fair and have provided citations wherever possible so you can do your own research.

I believe that the discussion about Prop. 1 has been rushed and that there is a lot at stake, including perpetual new taxes and an expensive and redundant new government agency.

I hope that Prop. 1 can be defeated in November and that citizens will take this opportunity to have an important talk about the future of local and County parks and trails.

Mason County doesn’t need another government. Supporting Parks through our existing County structure is a much better solution.

This site prepared by Barb Parsloe. You can reach me by email at contact@masoncountyfocus.com .

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