A Metro Park District is forever.

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  • September 26, 2016
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If we pass Prop. 1 we're stuck with it.If citizens create an Metropolitan Park District (MPD) and then decide that was a mistake, it will be too late.

Once we create the MPD, we citizens cannot “un-create” it. Only the MPD board members/commissioners have the power to dissolve the MPD. (RCW 35.61.310)

It is sad that some candidates for park commissioner are still saying that the statute above empowers citizens to dissolve the MPD by popular vote. This is not true. RCW 35.61.310 mentions a vote of the people, but the only thing that vote does is petition the MPD board to consider dissolution of the MPD. The board commissioners always make the decision whether or not to dissolve the MPD.

In recent years, more and more proposals like Prop. 1 have been rejected by the voters. Here’s a list of recent NO votes:

University Park Place (in Pierce County) – April 2016 – DEFEATED
Ferndale Metro Park District – 2015 – DEFEATED
Kirkland Recreation District – 2015 – DEFEATED
Skamania County Metro Park District – 2014 – DEFEATED
Bonney Lake Metro Park District – 2013 – DEFEATED

Prop. 1 is a blank check. It is not just a parks levy – its a new government agency.

That’s why its important we don’t rush into this. The MPD and its taxes would be forever.

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